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'Malina' Heart Trellis

'Malina' Heart Trellis

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About Malina Trellis:

Our 'Malina' heart metal trellis is the stuff of dreams. A perfect way to show how much you love your houseplants, with her vibrant red silhouette and long height, Malina is sure to bring your collection of plants a lot of delight. 

Display your vining or climbing plants in style!

All of our plant trellises are durable and corrosion-resistant. For best results, we recommend using them exclusively for indoor plants.

Grab our dragonfly plant clips to complete the look!


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6 Reasons Why Your Houseplants Could Benefit From a Plant Trellis


Why add a trellis to your houseplants? 

Trellises are a great way to provide a support system to your houseplants. Like a moss pole, trellises support certain plants like hoya plants or other smaller-medium-sized climbing and vining plants to branch out and grow vertically or horizontally, which they usually would not be able to do without the support. Incorporating houseplant trellises presents a creative opportunity to enhance aesthetics, enabling you to showcase your tropical plants in innovative and fun ways.

All trellises come with 2 plastic caps on the ends to prevent rips during shipping. Please remove before use.


The Malina trellis has the following dimensions:

Height - 12 inches
Length - 7.5 inches

Height - 4 inches
Length - 3.5 inches

Height - 16 inches
Length - 7.5 inches


All trellises were made with premium-grade steel and coated with black PVC (unless indicated by a different color). They are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

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