Our Story

Birdy holding a Alocasia Frydek

Our story began in a tiny 500-square-foot Toronto, Ontario condo in 2021. It was here where our passion for houseplants started, creating moss poles and sharing our plant cuttings with the plant community in the GTA. Inspired by a nickname given to her by her best friend, Birdy’s Plants was formed.

From there, Birdy continued learning about soil compositions and nutrients required to create a balanced, healthy, and peat-free substrate for all the plants in her collection. After months of research and experimentation, Birdy’s Plants Premium Philodendron + Monstera Soil Mix was born a year later. After sharing the soil mixture with many happy clients, Birdy’s love for soil creation grew.

Inspired to use her expertise and knowledge, Birdy embarked on a new soilful journey filled with opportunities and friendships with soil scientists and clients. BP's journey continues being inspired by the houseplant enthusiast community and the ever-growing need for all things plant parent related.

Our Beliefs and Values

As a passionate, growing business, we at Birdy’s Plants believe that every plant parent deserves to enjoy their plants in a safe and positive space. Whether you’re looking for simple ingredients like perlite or one of our premium soil mixtures like the Premium Hoya Soil Mix, we are here to provide you with the confidence and space to learn, grow, and show off your houseplant collection.