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3D-Printed Moss Pole Starter Kit

3D-Printed Moss Pole Starter Kit

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About 3D Printed Moss Pole Starter Kit:

Introducing our 3D-Printed Moss Poles - Birdy's Branches - a complete supportive solution for enhancing the growth and aesthetic of your climbing and vining plants. This modular moss pole kit includes three essential components: two extenders and a robust base, offering reliable support for small to medium-sized houseplants, particularly those like Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos, Syngonium, and other climbing/vining varieties.

The moss poles feature strategically designed rectangles, providing ample room for root penetration. This innovative design fosters healthier aerial root systems, enabling plants to thrive and flourish with vitality. Setting up your moss pole has never been simpler with our 3D-printed design, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts. 

The base also incorporates a thoughtful design that enhances drainage, effectively reducing the risk of root rot, crucial for maintaining plant health. Say goodbye to wobbling – our kit ensures your plants stand tall, proud, and centered for the whole world to see - or just your neighbors.

Stuff your moss poles with our long-fibered sphagnum moss or try out leca

Extend your moss pole with our extension pieces


 Our Design

Easy to use: Simply line up the extenders and gently push in to lock them in place.

Rock-solid: The base uses the weight of the soil to stabilize your plant into place, no more moving around or toppling plants.

Superior drainage: The base provides an easy way for excess water to escape so you won't have to worry about overwatering your plants.


Why a moss pole?

Plants such as philodendron and monstera naturally climb trees in the wild to access more sunlight. Introducing a moss pole replicates this environment, encouraging the growth of larger leaves with better fenestrations. Moreover, the moss pole's added moisture contributes to developing a healthier root system, fostering good plant health.


Things to keep in mind

  • Please avoid putting your moss poles in direct sun and near high heat.
  • If you find any loose material on the moss poles, easily remove it using tweezers or your fingers.
  • When attaching or detaching the extension pieces, hold them at the thickest side to prevent strain on the pole.
  • Exercise caution when securing the pieces, avoiding excessive tightening or applying too much pressure, as this may result in the pole breaking.


The 3D-Printed Modular Moss Pole has the following dimensions:

Base - 3" diameter x 3" height
Extension - 1.6" outer diameter and 1.5" inside diameter x 5" height
Total - 11" height


This product is created from resin.

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