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About Zeolite:

Zeolite rocks are extremely useful in horticulture because of their large porosity, cation exchange properties, absorption, and filtration properties. 

As a remarkable natural mineral, this soil component provides a sustainable and effective way to improve water quality while nurturing your plants through its many beneficial properties. The porosity of Zeolite helps to aerate the soil while also acting as a moisture controller by absorbing any excess moisture. This helps prevent any overwatering and root rot. Known as a natural water filter, Zeolite helps to trap and filter out impurities and contaminants during waterings. Harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, and organic compounds are effectively captured, preventing them from reaching the plant's roots and potentially harming their growth.

It's easy to incorporate Zeolite into your plants - you can mix a little Zeolite into your soil mix or use it as a soil topper. Experience a natural and sustainable way of filtering and watering your plants by using Zeolite!

Granule size is 0.9 mm to 2.9 mm.


This product comes in a resealable bag with 2 available size options:
2L - 6.5in(L) x 3.5in(W) x 10in(H)
4L - 8in(L) x 4.5in(W) x 13in(H)


Zeolite is made from 7% pure clinoptilolite and 3% inert phlogopite and comes from a 100% natural resource of the earth

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