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Semi-Hydro Soil Mix

Semi-Hydro Soil Mix

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✔ Nutrient Flow: Enhances growth in hydroponic systems

✔ Plant Vitality: Promotes health in water-based environments

✔ Sustainable Practices: Uses high-quality, eco-safe materials


About Premium Semi-Hydro Soil Mix:

Introducing our new Premium Semi-Hydro Soil Mix, a revolutionary solution for growing plants without soil and nurturing a thriving hydroponic garden. If you're seeking a path to optimal plant growth and hassle-free maintenance, this fine root-friendly inorganic material is precisely what you need.

Our Semi-Hydro Mix, also known as PON, is engineered with high-quality components to support robust root growth and a healthier root system. By transitioning your plants into this hydroponic growing system, you provide them with a nutrient-rich water solution while also saying goodbye to overwatering. This leads to accelerated plant growth, healthy foliage, and stronger leafy greens.

Semi-hydroponics is an eco-friendly alternative to potting mixes. It reduces the risk of root rot and conserves water more efficiently, ensuring your plants get the hydration they need. Pot your plants in a water reservoir or a pot with no drainage and watch them flourish in this advanced growing system.

Try it out today with our 2L option, or stock up with our 4L option.


Other Uses: (Houseplants)

Hoya, Alocasia, and Orchid


Useful Links:

Birdy's Plants Soil Mix Guide


All our potting mixes are soilless, peat moss-free, and handcrafted for each family of houseplants. If you are looking for a specific potting soil mix we do not carry, reach out to us through our contact page, and we'll look into it.


This product comes in a resealable bag with 2 available size options:
2L - 6.5in(L) x 3.5in(W) x 10in(H)
4L - 8in(L) x 4.5in(W) x 13in(H)


This premium mix was created using pumice, zeolite, and lava rocks.

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We've got you! Find the best mix with our soil guide. Simply search for your plant’s name, and we’ll recommend the perfect mix. Let us simplify your plant care journey.

  • Lifetime Support

    Keeping you and your indoor plants happy is our #1 goal! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your indoor plants or our products. One of our plant experts will be happy to assist you.

  • Enriched with Root-Boosting Components

    Synthetic-free and packed with beneficial microorganisms. Our soil mix recipes provide the perfect environment for robust root development. These components enhance root strength and overall plant health, ensuring your indoor plants flourish.

  • Handcrafted Soil Recipes

    We are more than just a business. Our soil recipes are the result of years of research and personal experience, tested by hundreds of plant parents. We don't just make soil, we make your plants happy.

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